How to make SNAP in Minecraft!


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Today we take a look at an awesome new redstone contraption, which allows you to play snap with your mates in Minecraft!

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47 thoughts on “How to make SNAP in Minecraft!

  1. at 4:34, the points in the chest can't actually be correct because it was an odd number but every time, an even number of blocks is given

  2. To make in pe place redstone on top of the pre snap mumbo ty me later I'm always here to help 🙂 Read More

  3. You could make the item-shooting mechanism clock powered, with hoppers on the floor collecting the items, and hitting either snap button would stop that clock until the wood button is hit again. I know this was a little project just for fun, but just an idea to make the game a little faster and more automated 😉

  4. I play this with my friends whenever we get cards in class. Except, we call it Egyptian War. Either way, thanks for helping us play school games over the summer, or break. Or whenever you don’t have cards anyways.

  5. An improvement on this would be if the blocks didn't match, and say the blue pressed the button the score keeping mechanism would say red gets a point.

  6. Similar to a game I played as a kid called Slap Jack…. divide a deck or 2 evenly among players and each player places a card in the middle one at a time on top of each other until a Jack shows up…. the first player to slap the Jack gets all the cards. Ends when you quit or one player has all the cards.

  7. We in the US know it as house of pain, at least I do. The only difference is that at the end the player with the least cards would be punished. Each player that won would draw a card and there were corresponding punishments to the card type (club, spades, etc)that differed from game to game. It was usually something like "smack their hand while making a bear claw'

  8. shouldve used droppervators and a deciding circuit at the top to sort out the items if someone clicks their button

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