How To Make Her MISS You


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30 thoughts on “How To Make Her MISS You

  1. Let's be honest here everything till 0:50 has happened in imagination…Let alone following the next steps

  2. I think we've all been there. I feel like usually it's the first girl we meet who reciprocates those same feelings of attraction, we're guys and I think we get overwhelmed by these emotions, nor how to handle them so they ultimately lead to us coming off as needy or coming off way too strongly and that ruins the mutual feeling of interest. It's a cruel lesson but one I think all men need to go through, it makes us wiser in the game of love.

  3. All i was doing was chasing her😢 thats why she always mad at me for no reason, i was doing it all wrong thanks for letting me know ❤

  4. Dude..i really love a girl…she is one of my closest frnd …i told her that i love her…but she ignoring me…..she continusly thought about her ex boyfrnd….to get her attention what to do?

  5. What if I show so much on Instagram that I hangout with friends,some funny things I find etc?
    She is in Moscow,and we're 3000 km apart,but I met her when I was playing monopoly,like we had an amazing talks every single day for week on the quarantine,and then she started to text me colder,her texts weren't as full of excitement,but we still talk on Snap and sometimes on Instagram

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