How to make a BOMB DEFUSE Mini Game in Minecraft!


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24 thoughts on “How to make a BOMB DEFUSE Mini Game in Minecraft!

  1. When I set my combo, and when I defuse the bomb, the tnt comes out, but when it’s on and the item goes to the chest the tnt dosent come out. What am I doing wrong?

  2. If you guys are watching in 2020 It doesn’t work anymore 😢 I’ve tried 10+ times and watch the video over and over and it doesn’t work! It used to work but it doesn’t now

  3. can you make a design where the person setting the combo has levers on the back of the bomb to set it instead of having to tear apart the walls to go inside to change the combo? It doesn't matter if its a bit bigger just keep it similar-sized

  4. This bomb minigame is pretty small! Good! The problem is:it don't have aleatory combination so,after guessed the code,the game is not funny.

  5. In versions 1.13 and up, I suggest you use a full block instead of a slab so it won’t destroy your build.

  6. Need some help here, whenever I activate a wrong lever then the whole redstone contraption activates and activates lamp? That happens but also activates the piston which then activates the comparator which deactivates the redstone torch that will power the tnt dispenser. Pls help

  7. How does Mumbo get it so that the dispensers are prefilled? When I try to make tnt player launchers, it takes me HOURS, to drag all the tnt into my inventory, and then fill up the dispenser, then get more tnt into my inventory, then fill the next dispenser and so on.

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