How To Build TOTAL WIPEOUT in Minecraft!


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Today I show you guys how to build a full total wipeout course in Minecraft! It has the bouncing balls, the punching walls and crazy swings too!


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My texture pack is Faithful and Codecrafted combined.

Intro: ProleteR – Can’t Stop Me
outro: ProleteR – April Showers


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23 thoughts on “How To Build TOTAL WIPEOUT in Minecraft!

  1. Imagine how long it took mumbo to dig all that out or build it
    Mumbo comment here and tell us how long u THINK it took u

  2. another thing you can do for the balls is make a redstone clock connected to a piston and make a ball with a slime block on the piston

  3. How come the red stone isn’t working for the for me for the dodging balls , it’s not clicking and nothing is moving

  4. PSA: This still works in bedrock, haven't tried in java yet. Todays date: 02/03/2020

    It can cause a few lag issues on a realm though, easy fix with a couple /fill command blocks to allow players to remove/replace some torches to turn it off and on. Suppose you could have another redstone based input if you're realm doesn't require achievements to be disabled for greifer proofing CB systems. Adding some chests and hoppers for the snowball part is helpful if you have big groups playing this too. If not you'll be forever refilling it.

    Thanks mumbo, this is brilliant and even me, who struggles with a 2×2 piston door could recreate it. Your channel is fantastic, it's made me switch to Java as I'd love to download your worlds and really try to understand redstone.

  5. i'm trying to do the punch wall and the game doesn't let me put the hoppers on top of the droppers. pls help!

  6. So for my survial server I decided to build a Wipeout minigame and needed some ideas for courses then I stumbled upon this video. You gave me some ideas for sure and I did two of your builds already but did them slightly different. But either way this looks totally awesome and good job.

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