How Nintendo won E3 2019


The story of how nintendo won at E3 2019.
RIP Joel

Yo guys!! this E3 was so boring, despite Square, Nintendo and Microsoft. And if I have to be honest, i’m not convinced about the final result but those 30 finals seconds i love it. See you next time!! 🙂

Spanish :
Chicos !! Este E3 era tan aburrido, a pesar de Square, Nintendo y Microsoft. Y si tengo que ser sincero, no estoy convencido del resultado final, pero me encantan los 30 segundos finales. ¡Nos vemos la próxima vez! 🙂

E3 2019 was in full swing and tons of new games were announced.
E3 2019の最高のゲーム
Electronic Entertainment Expo 2019
In this video : Nintendo takes on PS4,X Box and many more…
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Anime in back ground : Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood

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The Last of US 2

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42 thoughts on “How Nintendo won E3 2019

  1. Coming back to this video after playing THAT game that Sony expectef to destroy this year
    That did not go that well

  2. The TLOU part aged like milk and eggs poured on a spoiled tuna sandwich that was then wrapped in foil and left for a month on the blazing sun.

  3. I went back and finally watched the entirety of fma brotherhood just so I could know what I was getting into

  4. its fitting there are no more e3 and that the last of us 2 will likely flop due to the leaks and the shoddy storyline they are pursuing, as same as the anti-spiral, sony is set on their ways of overblown AAA games that take forever to release while nintendo always pursues gameplay and a constant supply of good games. Even with Sony managing to keep afloat with FF7 remake, they are losing this generation because we gamers have realized that focus of games as services and consntant incomplete releases and buggy games are the result of this overblown idelogy while nintendo just worries about making games and making gaming more and more availalble for all…

    That's is why i always buy nintendo first, other consoles second. Nintendo IS the symbol gaming! they made mistake and created their own worse enemy out of ego but in the end, nintendo cares! Sony does not!

  5. Wow I watched the dub of FMAB twice guess its time to watch the subbed.
    Once I finish Jjba GW (sub)and then the manga and also One Piece (subbed) cos of quarantine.

    Ps. I know that this is a meme vid but i feel like this scene was better in the dub (in my opinion)

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