Horror Reactions Compilation #1


Here are all of my best moments of this years horror games, filled with great horror reactions and funny moments!

Edited by the incredible Doom:

Thumbnail by the talented Wretic:

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28 thoughts on “Horror Reactions Compilation #1

  1. I remember back then at 1:28–1:40 I died laughing. I still do to this day.. Thanks for the memories man!

  2. Imagine these scary game things at night and your walking all alone at.😨😨😨😨😨

  3. I love the noise that the skull makes at 3:37, what's that game btw? I'd love to see the play through of it
    Horror Reaction Compilations are the best, I love em XD

  4. Ya know what? Now that all of the FNAF games have introduced themselves, i'm immune to jumpscares. The worst is that i'll probably jump a bit or my heart will pump a bit faster.

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