Hellnight Review


Hellnight is a unfortunate survival horror game for the PS one that wasn’t released in America. This game shows you the meaning about true horror. Not being able to fight back and continually being pursued by an unknown enemy that gets smarter as the game progresses.

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29 thoughts on “Hellnight Review

  1. My dad gave me this as a loose disc about four years ago. Both he and I had no idea what it was, and I just now decided to actually look it up. Disc was scratched to crap tho, so I need to see if I can repair it now that I know how good it is, and what it's worth.

  2. this could be my all time favourite game.
    I finished this game a few times, and still feel like playing it again.
    I love the atmosphere. It's very unique, the weirdness of the story is what's captivating me to this day.

  3. I've played this game in 1999 or 98. I love it. I played it in japanese (Dark Messiah), the in english. Very scary and strange.

  4. Man! Ive been looking for this game! And its waaay too expensive so I'm looking for the iso and yeh its still hard to find. I'll try Dark Messiah maybe? But so stoked u did a review on it. Have u seen the alternative cover with the Freddy Krueger looking guy? Looks gory as! Its why I wanted to check it out lol Cheers!

  5. I remember reading about Hellnight WAY back in the day on Hardcore Gaming 101 and wanted to play it ever since

  6. Fuuuck. I had the PAL version when I was a kid.. I see this game has gained some value on ebay n stuff. It was a weird, but cool game. I gotta say, I can feel the tension to this day when I see the halls of this game. Sure is weird how such dated graphics don't matter when the game somehow pulls you in.

  7. We played this game in the early 2000 with bros and sis and cousins. It was so tense ! But once we finished the game we started over and over, with each character to get all the ends. My favorite was Naomi. But Kamiya was good too. I remember this game getting a 5/20 from a French videogame magazine back then.

  8. nice review! also props for having the great kof 2006 on your shelf (which i had to buy twice, because one of my exes liked it so much, she kept it).

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  10. Great review! Looks like a wicked game and I love hearing about these hidden gems that might not be on other lists.

  11. I found out about this game from watching Pete Dorr stream it on twitch. It looked really interesting.

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