Hellnight Review – Rarest Playstation Horror?



Hello you amazing people, with the release of games such as resident evil 7 and outlast 2, welcome to a special video review for a PS1 cult horror classic, known as Hellnight, is it any good? Lets find out..

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Tokyo at the end of the millennium is a megapolis with a huge system of subway tunnels and sewers. The game opens with the protagonist fleeing from a group of notorious cult members through the city streets and escaping on a late-night subway train. As he contemplates why they want to kidnap him specifically, the scene changes to a secluded research station. There, a symbiotic lifeform breaks free of its confines and attacks a research scientist. He soon mutates into a zombie-like creature and makes a bloody exit towards the subway system.

Time passes and the protagonist’s train is derailed by the creature roaming the tracks, as if purposely being drawn to that point. The only survivors of the crash are the protagonist and a schoolgirl named Naomi Sugiura. They both flee the train wreck when the creature starts systematically killing everyone left alive on board. They’re soon confronted by a black-ops squad (secretly sent to destroy the creature from the lab), but the creature wipes the team out within seconds.

The protagonist and Naomi travel deeper into the sewers and find a place called “The Mesh”, an underground area full of self-sufficient citizens who have given up their identities above ground to live a more peaceful life. Their lives are about to be disrupted by the pursuing creature, who has now evolved into a faster and more exoskeletal-like form. Can any of them make sense of the mysterious cult’s intentions, find a way to defeat the relentless creature and reach the surface?

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11 thoughts on “Hellnight Review – Rarest Playstation Horror?

  1. Video Review of a really unique and extremely rare ps1 exclusive horror. Hope your enjoy thank you everyone love you all!

  2. woooooooow look at those mint graphics hahahaha
    hahaha can always try lookin up it hahahaha
    hahaha sounds like my sort of crew ,,,,get me in that game hahaha
    game would do my nut in lol
    nice job m8

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