Hellnight PS1 "You are all alone now" Walktrough NS


Welcome to my Hellnight PS1 Walktrough + No Saving, featuring a challenge, which consists of killing every single partner the moment i meet them, so i will be all alone during the entire game.
What awaits me in the other end? Is it Life? Is it Death?
A unimaginable horror is about to begin…

PS: I don’t recommend trying this in a blind play! It’s indeed the most tense Hellnight experience but it’s also the most frustating one if you are not experienced with the game because you will die several times while attempting this in a blind play.
Obviously it’s up to you, the viewer to decide.
Best Regards

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20 thoughts on “Hellnight PS1 "You are all alone now" Walktrough NS

  1. Okay the Indian style soundtrack is as out of place as if Fallout has "Tunak Tunak Tun" but the game itself is suspenseful and creepy… it's like Spooky Jump Scare Mansion for PS1.

  2. I remember my mom playing it when i was only 7 and i had nightmares about this game, i love my mom for letting me watch as she plays, nowadays parents won’t let u watch horror games/movies like that, i’m 24 now btw

  3. Atlus made this wow after i beat legend of mana on my psp imma try this out i never knew this game existed

  4. Some of the music comes straight from or is remixed from deSpiria. Could also be vice versa depending on which one came out first.

  5. The music & sound effects definitely are definitely Atlus for a fact. The advance dialogue sound makes me think of the accept sound in Soul Hackers

  6. Hey, PS1Gamer, I hope you're still around here. I wanted to ask you something. Do you know who directed this game? I've been trying to track down names, interviews, anything, but had no luck. I watched the end credits many times, and tried googling some of the names listed there, same result. This whole dev team is a mystery. All I know is they developed deSPIRIA, some Game Gear title, and then they moved on to make erogames.
    It would be cool to know more about the development of Hellnight/Dark Messiah.

  7. What an underrated game. It is simplistic, yet the lonesome atmosphere combined with the eerie soundtrack sends chills up my spine. It's like LSD Dream Emulator with a horror twist.

  8. Man,while the ending itself offer nothing exciting to you,being alone sure can trigger a lot of unique and interesting scenes/dialogues especially during great hall,conversion room and the altar.

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