Hellnight [Part 4] The Monster Evolves


A blind & commentated Let’s Play / Playthrough / Walkthrough of the PS1 Japan and Europe only first-person survival-horror adventure game, Hellnight (aka Dark Messiah). We join a young man who teams up with a Japanese school girl named Naomi Sugiura after a tragic subway train accident. A weird symbiotic lifeform (or… robot?) destroyed the train and then was killing the survivors… We slip into a nearby sewer and soon descend into an abandoned underground military base under Tokyo known as The Mesh, which now houses people who abandoned society. However with the appearance of the chasing monstrosity, the place goes into lockdown, and now to escape our chaser we must descend even deeper into the Mesh… With perma-death, dungeon crawling, & point’n’click segments, can we make it out alive? Enjoy~ Appreciate anyone who may support my Patreon:

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3 thoughts on “Hellnight [Part 4] The Monster Evolves

  1. Now I'm beginning to wonder if the monster does show up in these underground tunnels at all, or if it's just super dark like that to throw you off into thinking the monster can show up.

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