Grappi – MAYBE WILL GRAPPI FRIEND! (Full Game/Ending) Manly Let's Play


Virtual Grappi is fun friend who is here. Help Grappi have daily life and fun friends! Essentially Grappi is a tamagotchi virtual life (creepypasta) game with a bit of a twist, in the video I reach the ending, the puzzle and give a bit of plot interpretation.

Game Playlist:
Game Info:

“Help Grappi Daily Life!”

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45 thoughts on “Grappi – MAYBE WILL GRAPPI FRIEND! (Full Game/Ending) Manly Let's Play

  1. I am afraid to play this game but it seems like no one has really…brought out every little thing. If you use the comb with the Gator with you in the room it gets blue hair. I might play this game to figure out this hand puzzle also since so one has done it..

  2. MANLY, please please please play Irisu Syndrome!
    It's very loosely like this in just how at first it's cute but a story and the horror is revealed later on
    It would make me so happy to see you play it 😀

  3. The plot of course, was completely revealed at 5:50

    The depth & complexity of Grappi would take a lifetime to discuss. Sadly, MBH's interpretation was totally off. The crocodile was a friend visiting. So was the zombie, who only wanted candy.
    It is a game about life & love. The severed hand symbolic of failing to reach out for love when we should. Funny & heartwarming… you only think you win Grappi when you use the saw… all you won was the end of a beautiful experience.

  4. This is another one of those games that I really don't know what to say. Your theory on the the murder implications behind the cute little Grappi creature is probably correct, given you win the game by sawing him (and the world) into pieces. The weirdness is… interesting. Grappi really is cute though, which makes the appearance of the human hand, zombie, and crocodile seem worse by comparison.

  5. I found a way to make sliding tile easier. Start with the outer row and work your way in. Like with an 4 x 4 put the left and top in their right places, they shouldn’t need to be bothered after that. You should have a 3×3 left. Do the same there, and a 2×2 should be left. You can make room for taking a tile out to let others move, but if you keep them in order, then you should be able to do it. They became pie after I learned that. Mmm, pie…

  6. I noticed that Grappi turns grey with red eyes after you restart the game after he dies. I always thought Grappi turned into a zombie there…

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