Gout – causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, pathology

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What is gout? Gout is an inflammatory disease where uric acid precipitates into crystals that deposit in various joints around the body, causing pain and inflammation. Find more videos at

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26 thoughts on “Gout – causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, pathology

  1. Doesn't this video have a outdated view of gout? The main point should've been about overproduction of uric acid, as gout is basically a genetic disease and requires a lifelong treatment. According to EULAR, diet has very little effect on levels of uric acid for people who suffer from gout.

  2. Anybody who is facing problems related to uric acid, we will happy to help with Aayurveda.
    Kindly contact- 9927729994

  3. I'm 17 and I got it after I was at a seafood buffet. It was the most painful experience of my life. I got Colchicine and drank about 6 litres of water a day, while on constant advil and the pain was still excruciating.

  4. I get gout once every 3 years, it fucking sucks. I'm an athlete weigh 200 lbs and have 6 pack abs. This crap can hit anyone, stay well hydrated, and pee a lot.

  5. I am studiing at gymnasium and we were asked to make a work about some rare genetic issue. I picked ud Lesch-nyhan syndrome and after hours of searching informations on the internet i found this video .. and it really helped me to get the whole thing!!! I am really thankfull for that and from now I am subscribing this channel, because I really like the way how you explain these things.

  6. Initial acute gout treatment is determined according to the severity of the condition at the time of diagnosis. Furthermore, a patient may have other existing medical conditions that complicate gout therapy. With patient compliance, however, gout therapy can be successful without any complications.

    Acute treatment often demands a stringent medication regimen along with life- style modifications. Specifically, during acute gout therapy, a healthcare provider prescribes certain medication and recommends a healthy eating plan that helps reduce the level of uric acid production and intake. The medications that are generally prescribed to treat acute gout are:

    Non- steroidal anti- inflammatory drug (NSAIDS)

    Initially prescribed at maximum dosage and reduced as symptoms subside. Used for pain and inflammation for at least 48 hours. Generally, the first medication prescribed for acute gout.


    Medication used to treat acute attacks of gout while simultaneously preventing subsequent attacks. It is not effective for curing gout or lowering uric acid levels. Prescribed to prevent or relieve gout flares by reducing inflammation.

    Corticosteroids or adrenocorticotropic hormone

    Medication used for patients who cannot take NSAIDS or colchicine. Used for acute gout as an intramuscular injection (daily doses).

    Taking these medications along with life-style changes reduces the risk of further complications that may occur from untreated acute gout attacks. Gout patients must eat a healthy diet that includes low purine- rich foods and adequate fluid intake. Acute gout treatment is successful if there is total compliance with the treatment plan that your recommends.

    👉 Search: ___ Gout is Related to Fructose and Meat Consumption Energy – Health ___

  7. Red meat and sea food are ok. Carbohydrate is the problem. Decrease this stuff and enjoy your red meat and sea food

  8. Very clear and helpful. This seem to be one of the best, video on this inflammatory illness. Thanks for the information and the clarity of the presentation.

  9. Inflamed– internal overheated– serum– squeezed– splits cells= bone. Not inflammed retards– split. Ion=age of, self. When pain started– and it isn't crystal. More energy in, bone duh.

  10. Serum loss– I bet– yellow or clearness. Bad posture– trauma injuries. You will, lie here– instantly.

  11. I had blood test, and was told it was not gout, infammation. years later was told I had crystals, so who the hell knows.

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  13. I've experienced gout countless times, in pretty much every joint. Gout in my elbow though, worst pain I've ever experienced. Ever. I bumped it into a wall, and my brain said F-this, I'm out. I woke up on the ground a few minutes later seriously wanting to die. I wouldn't wish gout on my worst enemy.

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