Gedonia | Open World RPG | First Look


Gedonia is a classic open world rpg, featuring a complete freedom of building your character, exploring a huge world and completing quests.

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23 thoughts on “Gedonia | Open World RPG | First Look

  1. game starts off with you climbing mt everest but then you cant even climb over a little wall
    must have hit your head pretty hard

    not my best comment but someone removed it so im gonna repost because i will not be silenced

  2. You're gonna want a skinning knife if you're gonna do leatherworking I'm betting. Probably doubles the number of leather or improves the quality maybe?

  3. Well…if there is Magic, there might be Necromancy and those body remains might be used to make undead minions?

  4. Those guys took some potshots while you were fighting but were just standing there watching for the most part "Is attacking those deer with a sword??" "Yep….mad one"

  5. new game and not even the first cut scene what shit/ plus game looks like and plays like shit. come on . new game for indie and and nothing is here but to run and kill and few nothings stupid gamedged get rid of it

  6. I don't think RPG games are for you GE XD you don't seem to enjoy reading the text which is a very important part of this style of game :p still a good episode tho!

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