Five Nights at Pinkie's 4 (MLP FNAF Mashup Game)


Remember when I used to play My Little Pony Horror Games? Well I’m back at it AGAIN with Five Nights at Pinkie’s 4!! Can I beat the game this time?

Play Five Nights at Pinkie’s 4:

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41 thoughts on “Five Nights at Pinkie's 4 (MLP FNAF Mashup Game)

  1. I love her so much more when she said “ I’m gonna tone my AWESOMENESS down!” I love you laurenzside! 🥺😂🥰👑

  2. before the vid I won't be able to sleep tonight
    *afther the vid and trying to sleep * IT'S A CURSE

  3. Lauren: all five nights at Freddy’s go away please go away Apple Jack please be cute go away hahahahahahahahaha😅🤣

  4. Me the whole time watching this video: 0-0 I’m about to diiieeeeeee 0-0 yooooooooo k I’m soooo sorry I’m freaking out! Ok, ok, I’m fine I’m fine ahhhhhhhhhh-

  5. In the middle of Lauren being scared to death: BUY FRIKIN CHIPS AHOY WIT SOUR PATH KIDZ
    Me: 🤦🏽‍♀️

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