Fifa Mobile 20 l Amazing Full Russia team! The best Gk in history of Football?


Мы строим команду, полную русских игроков. Лучшая сборная России по футболу. I hope that means that we build the best possible Full Russia squad in fifa mobile 20! Maybe this was the best Full Russia squad in the history of Fifa Mobile.
In today’s video, we build the best and most expensive Full Russia squad in fifa mobile. This incredible full Russia squad is made with the best players from Russia. And to be a perfect squad we add the best Gk in the history of football. The one and only Lev Yashin. The Black Spider. Alongside 95 Icon Yasin, we put in 102 CB from Russia. We had 88 ST from SBC so we used him in full Russia team as well.
Other players have to be bought from the market. So we did exactly that. I found the best and most expensive full Russia squad and I build the perfect team in fifa mobile 20. It didn’t cost me that much, because we ‘ve got some cheap gold players. But we spend a pretty big amount of coins to train those players. This wasn’t one of the costliest squads, but I had a lot of fun to build a full Russia team. If you missed some of my previous National SBC here is your chance to watch them:

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Yeah, Its been quite a journey and it’s still not over yet. We still have more than 5 National teams to build. After this really nice Full Russia team we are gonna do 5 more National squads. In the middle of this video, I told you a hint for my next SBC. It has to do with my picture on Instagram. I am gonna build full _____e team. You can check in witch country is my picture taken and you will find your answer. Here is my Instagram and feel free to ask me anything

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42 thoughts on “Fifa Mobile 20 l Amazing Full Russia team! The best Gk in history of Football?

  1. This music is not from Russia, I think it’s from Greece, or something like that 🙂 (P.S. I’m Russian)

  2. Bruh EA hasn't permission for RPL, but if it was, it will be good. But Konami will have permission till 2022

  3. Россияяяяя
    Cuka blyat
    And havertz can't do it in real life
    And Yashin is from USSR
    Россия священная наша держава
    Россия любимая наша страна!

  4. Even though I am an Indian, I know a Russian player who played in the World Cup!!!
    DZYUBA ( correct me if the spelling is wrong)

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