FEMALE HIRED FOR FNIA!? | Five Nights in Anime: A True Love Story #1


Another FNIA visual novel! This time, we are a FEMALE security guard!

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About: (dev description) Five Nights in Anime: A True Love Story is a fan-game of Mairusu Paua’s fan-game, Five Nights in Anime, of Scott Cawthon’s game, Five Nights at Freddy’s, so check this two games before playing mine.

This game is a visual novel, sim date game in which you play as the new security guard at Freddy’s Anime Convention, you need to talk and seduce all the animatronics here: Bonnie, Chica, Freedy, Foxy and Mangle. And no, no, no, I didn’t forget about G. Freddy or SpringBonnie! They are a bit special ;).

This game will be in 5 acts, the 5 nights from the title, the events from every night being affected by the choices you made in the last night, so the game will have a lot of different endings.

So far, I’m working hard to finish the story on the first night, which in total, according to my plan, have 9 different choices to make, so yeah, I still have to work. Once I finish this night I’m gonna give you a playable demo for this night, so hope you’ll enjoy my game.

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22 thoughts on “FEMALE HIRED FOR FNIA!? | Five Nights in Anime: A True Love Story #1

  1. Uhhhh wat I do I have not played fnia2 wat I do???? Do I reason or do I shoot it with a Nerf gun or hide or uhhhh flash a flash light at it her or he

  2. 2:35 “what could possibly go wrong” Bubsy the cat said the same thing. Do you know what happened to Bubsy? he was deleted from the video game world and lost his franchise!

  3. If I was playing this every time an animatronic asked me something I would be like “oh hell yeah! You know what kill me if you want but at least let me ummmmm 🍆🍑 first.”

  4. Like a sonic.EXE game the better a fnia visual novel the worse the grammar but exclusively to fnia novels is the better a novel the more unfinished it is.

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