Okaeri is an extremely scary japanese indie horror game. It deals with some dark topics so viewer discretion is advised.

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Outro Song created by “Teknoaxe”. It’s called “I’m everywhere” and you can listen to it here

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36 thoughts on “EXTREMELY SCARY – Okaeri

  1. To any horror game developers out there: when Jack says he doesn't like a horror game, it means he loves it

  2. Jack: putting on headphones don’t be a baby Me: puts headphones on re-listens to footsteps “aight imma head out”

  3. 朝の頂上 – top of the morning or as it says when u retranslate it – The summit of the morning

  4. This game is so dark, knowing suicide rate in Japan is actually pretty high. Very relatable to loneliness that a lot of people feel.

  5. Felt really sad bc my family was fighting downstairs while I was watching this, but his talk at the end made me feel a lot better.

  6. Jack, if you ever can't record a video or aren't feeling like you can, you don't have to push yourself. People can understand if you aren't in the place to record, and if they can't and they want you to constantly push out content, they're not in the right. You do what you feel and you should never feel like you need to push yourself for a video, because when you do that, your quality will be worse and you won't be as fulfilled with it, and neither will we. It's better to wait until you're ready to make a video rather than make one asap. I know you have your wonderful community here, and you feel you need to not let personal life interfere with videos, but it's a wonderful community that will let you focus on your life and worry about a video another time. A good community knows that a video is a lot of stress in bad times and we don't want you to push yourself any further than you can handle. The same goes for every youtuber and editor as well. No one ever needs to feel the stress of pushing out videos for their community when they can't handle that stress. No one should just be pushing out videos unless they can or else it won't be good and people won't like it as much and then it'll just be a waste of the person's time. If you can't make a video you don't love, don't force it. If you feel you can't make a video, don't make it. Don't force yourself and just remember that your community will understand if you ever feel you can't make a video. You don't even need to give a reason for not posting when you post next (unless you were gone for like 9 months) because anyone with 3 brain cells and a working mind will understand that you probably just couldn't keep up due to personal life and that's okay. Take your time, relax, and just be you. Only do what you can do, not what you feel you need to do. Alright?

  7. Even in horror settings, seeing vending machines really makes me miss Japan too. The convenience stores and vending machines everywhere. And my god, the toilets. My butt fell in love with bidets.

  8. I remember a few years back maybe 2015 or 2014 I grabbed a big ass blade and wanted to kill myself and auto play just played a long ass game play of jack septic eye and the game was about suicide. I remember as jack talked about suicide I just couldn't help but cry and let go of the blade and i wrote a long ass comment that was unnoticed and it doesn't matter but watching this really reminded me of that time. thank you Sean. – Charlie 🙂

  9. Guys I think I’ve witnessed something like a fate. I’ve just seen pewd’s post about Hana Kimura from Terrace house show who took her own life today and now I’ve watched this Jack’s video about suicide. Plus Jack also mentioned about the show Terrace house show during the gameplay.

  10. On the topic of mental health, a few months back, I was really sad and stressed and tired, I ended up cutting myself. My friends where treating me like shit on top of me questioning my sexuality. I ended the cutting myself at some point. Jack's videos where a good escape. I'm doing better now, partly thanks to him.

  11. I speak Japanese better even when I speak English lol,Well kind of I could speak most of the words she said (And please don't reply saying No one cares ;-; Cause seriously no one cares if you write that….)

  12. So, I asked my mom what top of the morning is in Japanese since she is Japanese and she says its: トプ アプ ザ- モーニング! (Topu abu za moningu is how you pronounce it if you were going to say it like Jack does)
    Idk if I spelled it correctly but that's what it would be 🤣 so long story short it would just be top of the morning but with an accent. OR it can be 午前中 or おはよう which is Morning time (A.M.) or good morning in Japanese. It just depends on how you want to say it since there's no direct translation 🤷
    Edit: I had to fix some spelling errors 🤣

  13. This video appeared in my recommended vids and that little message at the end came in such a hard time now that we're in quarantine. Thank you Sean, that meant so much and came just in the right time.
    Perfect timing moments: this one haha.
    I hope you and everyone here knows how important they are, how loved and cared about y'all are. Stay safe fam

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