Evil Swamp | Barn Finders Gameplay | EP6


Barn Finders First Look Gameplay Let’s Play – Search for valuables stashed in abandoned barns. Take part in storage auctions, bid high and buy yourself a chance to find exclusive items hidden in the past.

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31 thoughts on “Evil Swamp | Barn Finders Gameplay | EP6

  1. I just stumbled across this video, looking for some Barn Finders info, and I just have one thing to mention, those circles (pentagram) are simple yet powerful protection magic. If you are a demon or witch, you don't want to stand in them. As a human it's totally fine. At least in most magical fiction. Love this game's humour and vibe btw!

  2. STOP BIDDING! You only need to bid low once when it's about to be sold and you win. You're just driving up the price!

  3. I love that they have supernatural elements and sci-fi with the aliens. This game is so fun to watch it’s humor and gameplay feels so unique

  4. funny and spooky. I love the humor in this game. Having relatives in most of the southern states of the U.S. I keep thinking i see family in some of the characters xD Ameryka! xD

  5. Just watched all the videolist for this game and I am relly looking forward to see the next. By the way, what happens if you wash/clean an item that does not need cleaning!?

  6. Hey GE stop spending money on the shop you will need every cent you can get, the places get way more expensive also on the barn hub map you need to click the bull bottom left corner to go do a set of auctions you want 5-6 grand at least to go and do that though. Also the places get bigger and take longer as it is all to important to cut out I can see one loot run going over two eps lol.

  7. just wnated to say, the puzzle peices even if you dont have all of them, you can go and take them and put them in the assembly station which will clear your storage

  8. GE, do you need to start wearing adult diapers when playing scary games? (or at least games with jump scares) lol love you're reactions when you're startled.

  9. My favourite part of this game? The 40+ long episodes 😉 thanks for these GE! Always look forward to watching my favourite youtuber!

  10. In the barn hub bottom left of the screen, you will see the pulsing bull that is the special event, I think there was a switch in the shed by the toolbox

  11. Lol glad no one ruined the gator knew it would make you jump. Got me when I did it. Bid wars is in the bottom corner of the Barn hub, bring LOADS of cash. Cost me like $7000 to buy all the lockers in the first one. When I went to go home I think my game glitched cause it ended the second one and said I won, I got both Big machines but wasn't able to enter any lockers for that auction so be careful. Any way back to playing so I stay ahead of you lol

  12. Just before you got to the golden shit paper gameedged that croc that jump outta the swamp scared the mother hell out of me lmfao

  13. It takes two hit with the shovel to make the item come out. The third hit destroys it so your losing money

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