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  1. I am annoyed because when they sung "I'm forever blowing bubbles" they said united but that is Westham not united

  2. Your fucking going to kill me im laughing so hard. About this god dam roar and defintly cheat. And connor if i was your girlfriend i would be a girl

  3. For bubble there was also "i said i didnt want trouble but the boy in the bubble " – boy in the bubble- alic Benjamin

  4. The buttercream gang videos are the only thing keeping me sane rn , I have a tiny splinter and it hurts and it won’t come out 🙁 DONT CALL ME PATHETIC

  5. im not obsessed, but my little bro calls conor, conor maynyard or conor lanyard and it really agrovates me. am i the only one who gets annoyed when people say other peoples names wrong?

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