Elemental Combat (Alpha) – Avatar Bender Dueling in VR (Oculus Rift)


The Mahula Bros are fans of Avatar: The Last Airbender and Legend of Korra. We’re excited to preview a VR game that mimics these bender abilities in Elemental Combat. Thank you to AVRLON VR Studio for giving us a copy of this game.



#ElementalCombat is a fast-paced, competitive Virtual Reality game that blends the speed and intensity of an FPS with martial arts and RPG elements. Use your hands to let fire fall from the sky or raise mighty walls of earth in VR.
Customize your avatar and take the fight online!

We are a small and passionate team of coders, artists, and business people dedicated to our craft. We believe games are more than just a hobby. That VR is more than just a technology. We are determined to provide players with the most immersive VR experiences.

We are gamers. We are Avrlon.

We spent our childhood (and way too much of our adulthood) playing pretend. It’s time to change that with Elemental Combat.

The game is currently in the Alpha Phase. We are continuously working to improve every aspect of the game.

– Take Control of the Elements – Fire, Earth, Air and Water in Virtual Reality!
– Cross platform Multiplayer Fights – Battle in addictive 1vs1 duels to see who is the better elemental combatant on the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive
– RPG Elements – Level up your character and learn new and powerful elemental abilities
– Singleplayer – Fight against the A.I. and train your strategies and tactics
– Ranking – Climb up the competitive latter and become the best elemental master

Best VR Game – PGC Helsinki XR Indie Competition 2017
XR Runner-Up – PGC Helsinki XR Indie Competition 2017

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As always we thank everyone for your love and support. We ask for your continued love and support. And ask the Powers That Be to keep you safe out there in the real world while we try to keep you and your wallets safe here in the virtual worlds.

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19 thoughts on “Elemental Combat (Alpha) – Avatar Bender Dueling in VR (Oculus Rift)

  1. I don’t mind the black bars next to each other becuz when they aren’t the view I usually shifted left or right

  2. Imagine Someone or a group of people making a fan made Avatar The Last Airbender game (And the legend of Korra) that has every character in that series that can fight? and we're able to use these said characters like Aang vs Korra or some other epic fight like Toph vs Bumi(The earthbender)? that'll be awesome tbh. I wonder why hasn't anyone done it, it can be a huge success.

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