EARTH BENDING IN VR!!! | Rumble VR [Pre-Alpha]


Hello everyone and welcome to some Earth Bending VR game… Well technically this game is called Rumble but this is the super early in development version but even tho it’s only an alpha, HOLY COW is it fun. I hope you all enjoy the video and check the game out for yourself!!

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39 thoughts on “EARTH BENDING IN VR!!! | Rumble VR [Pre-Alpha]

  1. Imagine an open world bending game where you can learn from NPC’s and other real people benders in the game kinda like and RPG. You could also have jobs like be a guard of ba sing se or a fire nation general. And you could also choose your bending element. I would love this so much!

  2. This would be absolutely amazing if the wall tutorials incorporated actual hung ga moves which is what earthnending is based off, then it actually teach you about the basic bridges, you'd have fun and learn some traditional martial arts at the same time.

  3. Ok, but Toph playing a vr game is kinda funny. Because she wouldnt be able to use her earthbending to see the game

  4. when is it out tho it says coming soon on steam I wish it had a demo ( never mind just found the demo..its a shame its not visible on steam ive been waiting since that game was announced lol )

  5. I mean this video doesn't cover everything, The strife sign said "Maybe you can get the stanky lion to do something, try hitting the target at the foot of his big rock, that's his favorite"

  6. Is it available on oculus quest (I wish we just got a damn rift because I can’t play games like that cause we don’t have the connected 🙁 )

  7. I am going to do game design in Uni so I can create a game like this. All four elements, hundreds of combinations and power moves & defences each specific to its element. You would have to play to learn them all, 1V1 or groups, insane sound affects. The winner/s gets a trophy, the higher their trophy count represents a show of skill and rank….OMG there's sooooo much I wanna do , power ups, Avatar mode, Weapons😱. PVP all out BENDING ACTION.

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