Dilbert's Desktop Games – Windows 98 – Gaming Memories And Review


Dilbert’s Desktop Games is an 1997 collection of short games based off the popular comic strip that will run on top of your desktop. For the most part they’re just simple time wasters, including a table hockey like game, a space invaders rip off, and a couple others where you just have at your coworkers. One or two are a bit more involved, mostly the Techno Raiders game where you set about collecting all the donuts you can find. Nothing super special here but in terms of Windows based desktop games, it’ll keep you occupied.

My written review for Dilbert’s Desktop Games:
00:00 – Shot97, elite time waster
00:17 – Introduction/Techno Raiders beginning
01:01 – Desktop game memories
01:50 – The only real game in this package
02:38 – Good for a desktop game
03:56 – Recorded over a year ago
04:50 – Reminiscing on past seasons/Other short games
08:12 – Space Invaders ripoff
10:20 – Bringing back the fun
12:15 – Table hockey game
13:44 – Special award from Dogbert
15:15 – CEO Simulator
17:43 – Reviews of the time
19:35 – Don’t take yourself too seriously
20:25 – Final thoughts
22:30 – NSlate
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Gaming Memories And Review – Ep. 4×8 – Dilbert’s Desktop Games, Windows 98

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9 thoughts on “Dilbert's Desktop Games – Windows 98 – Gaming Memories And Review

  1. I love this game, I used to play it when I was younger and I honestly don't know how we got the game and also the never hood, those two games will always be in a special place in my heart

  2. XD omg i was 13 years old and this was one of the games we had. was great fun when bored which is exactly what the disc said it was for lol nice review thank you! my favorite part was the jargonator . you are meant to type a sentence and then it will spice it up for you adding a bunch of random jargon XD

  3. Like #2 here after hearing your outro on ME vid. I appreciate your thoroughness and personal experience added with all things you cover.

  4. I can imagine the rockets games would be fun at work for office types, with their spreadsheets, its a lost era these days, but back then, hiding games with the Alt and Tab key was manditory.

  5. By no means a super special game on its own; but it's important to look at its intended use. For a game that runs on top of your desktop, it does a fairly good job at wasting your time, and that's what it's all about. My written review: http://shot97retro.blogspot.com/2018/04/dilberts-desktop-games-in-depth-written.html – Full list of all videos and writings: http://shot97retro.blogspot.com/2017/08/full-article-and-video-listings-database.html

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