Daz Watches Vaginoplasty


This is just strange for real… lol

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34 thoughts on “Daz Watches Vaginoplasty

  1. For fucks sake when I thought the human race couldn’t get more fucking stupid but for fucks sake I need a big red button.

  2. yk that one lassie in the video w the brown wavy hair that randomly popped up why do i think shes hot… am i the only one that thinks that?… no… okay..

  3. 3:59 F'ing hell, that sounds TOO close to what my cousin calls their child (as a nickname), who is a toddler, btw: "Louis-Lou" (the "s" is silent)

  4. uhmmmm i was looking for this video and i looked up vaginoplasty…..I don't want to live anymore I was socked whit what I found…

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