Can you GAME on a Toshiba Satellite laptop from 2009? Yes!.. Kinda – 2020 Benchmarks


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Today we take a look at an old Toshiba satellite family laptop with some low end specifications and see if you can game on it in 2020. It has an old amd turion X2 Ultra ZM-84 if with 3gb of ram and radeon hd graphics 3100. So, lets get into some bench marking and gaming tests to see how well this laptop can run/game/perform!

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Hello everybody and today well be taking a look at a bit of a deceiving computer. How did it trick me you ask? Well, simply put, it was far than i ever could have possibly imagined. Now, it can play games with legitimate levels of success but before we get into that I’d like to tell you a bit about the background of this laptop. This computer, along with 90% of the other computers you’ve seen on this channel, was sourced from an electronics recycling location, also known as a tech dumpster. When I first saw it, it looked pretty solid and not terribly old. So, I took it home and ran a few tests to see if I could get away with some lightweight gaming on it. Spoiler alert, I was, but along the way I ran into many issues. If you’re just here for the benchmarks you can skip to the timestamp currently displayed on the screen, but for now, let’s take a look at the specs of this computer.

The laptop in question today is a Toshiba Satellite L505D-S5965. It was released back in 2009 for $450 ( ) and would’ve been your average daily driver laptop. Originally, this computer came with an AMD Athlon 64 X2, 3GB of DDR2 clocked at 800 MHz, a 250GB 5400rpm hard drive, a Radeon Mobility 3100 graphics chip and had a screen size of 15.6 inches with a resolution of 1366 by 768. However, the computer I tested today had a few parts swapped out and ran a 465gb 5400 rpm hard drive along with a AMD turion X2 Ultra ZM-84. So, if my research is correct, which I should be, it would mean that the last owner swapped out the CPU of this laptop with another one, which I’m pretty sure you can do on this model ( But asides from a few forum posts and an arabic listing of 2 american import laptops at “very special prices”, it seems that any toshiba l505d computer would only have a turion X2 Ultra ZM-84 if it was installed as an aftermarket upgrade.

Now that we got that out of the way, i’d like to quickly highlight a few of the laptops, uh, quirks. First, it only has 2 USB ports, which I can honestly say is the smallest amount ive ever seen on any laptop before. Secondly, while clearing up some space on the drive, i meant to right click the recycle bin to empty it, but i accidentally left clicked it and, lets just say there was a bit of adult content that had been unsuccessfully removed. Speaking of which, there were some crusty bits of something on the keyboard when I first got it, and I can only pray that it isn’t related to what I found in the recycling folder. Moving on, ahm for some reason you couldn’t scroll with the touchpad like you can on literally every other computer i’ve ever used, so that was weird. And one of the screws on the bottom of the computer was very clearly not stock and also was very clearly not intended for usage in such a small screw hole. Speaking of things not working right we move onto my favorite part, the terrible battery of this laptop! So, the laptop will only work if it’s plugged in, which I learned why when I got into windows it said “ plugged in not charging 0%” and if you removed the charging cable it would immediately turn off. So, clearly, the battery had some issues. Initially I was looking to sell this computer and wanted to take a look at the battery to see which model I would need for a replacement part, however, one of the bits of plastic that secured the battery in place was very broken and I was unable to remove the battery from the system. I probably could with enough prying and mutilation, but this computer is such a piece of crap that it’s not worth my time. Speaking of which, it also has a portion of the plastic missing around the lower back of the screen which allows you to see inside the laptop.

For reference, at this point, we’re about halfway through all the issues surrounding this computer.

When you hit the windows button in the bottom left of the screen and go to type something in, it just doesn’t work, nothing comes up. I’ve never had this problem before. Additionally, when you go to the control panel to uninstall a program it just doesn’t let you and throws up some windows error that I don’t care enough to look into. Also, when you go into google chrome and try to download files, sometimes it just doesn’t let you, and it’s seemingly random. It could be doing this however since every time you click on any website link it has some certificate issue and makes browsing the web a general pain. I mean, you can still access most websites, but sometimes they’ll load incorrectly


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