BURD Game Review – A short game about morality and birds


Hi, I’m Table 53 and this is my BURD game review. BURD is a free game released on itch.io in 2019 by Awkward Silence games. BURD is a 2D platformer with a fantastic soundtrack and retro visuals. BURD is also a game with moral choices and multiple endings – what sort of bird will you be? And will you save the kingdom of birds? One of the best free games I’ve played in a while and there’s a high chance that even as a fan of indie titles this is a game you might have missed.

If you want to leave a comment about the cursor being on screen the whole video, please do. YouTube can’t tell and will bump my video up for having better user interaction. Also sorry, I didn’t realise until it was too late..

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11 thoughts on “BURD Game Review – A short game about morality and birds

  1. This sort of philosophical conversation (birds and moral choices is poignant, as birds are really fucking heartless) is the type of stuff I miss on game review channels. Good stuff, subscribed.

  2. This was a really well put together review. Great succinct overview of the game without any spoilers. Subbed!

  3. I'm not surprised at that statistic. I play my RPGs for that hero fantasy. I played through the mass effect trilogy more than once and somehow was never interested in going renegade. However, the game encourages you to be one or the other all the time and I never really liked that. Real life is full of shades of grey and sometimes sacrifice is necessary.

  4. Man, you're an amazing creator. You make me think of Joseph Anderson, another great critic.
    Your reviews are very interesting.

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