Blood Test Injection Simulator Doctor game gameplay #game DD156


Learn about injection simulator like blood test by playing this hospital game!

If your child wishes to become a doctor in the future have them download this injection simulator hospital game to have them learn about the kinds of injection there are! This is a great way to gain some knowledge on different injection, drip, syringe, machines, blood drawing, vaccinate, and learn about possible diseases which may occur if no precaution for vaccination is taken.

This game is not only helpful and educating to play but also very fun! The setting is an emergency hospital simulation in doctor hospital where there are different injection simulator levels. There are different injection simulator levels where different hospital scenarios to draw injection will be given.

These include normal drip injection, blood test injection, sugar test injection, blood test and drawing injection and also a mouth injection which includes the gum injection and gum cleaning injection.
In all these levels you have to prep the emergency hospital patient before giving them the injection simulator. First you have to rub some numbing cotton over the area of body on the patient simulator where the injection simulator syringe needs to be put. From there you will take the blood test and other injection simulation tasks that are mentioned.

After that you have to fill in the injection syringe with the injection medicine. This injection syringe drip medicine can cure diseases like hepatitis or even pneumonia. After you fill the injection syringe drip with medicine you inject the drip on the patient simulator and yourself the doctor simulator will be in charge of the injection simulator.

Finally after all the injection simulator injection tasks are complete you have to sooth the patient simulator after the medicine injection or the blood test injection and tie a bandage on their injection area so that they are relieved of pain soon. The levels will keep on continuing like this. If you play like a doctor simulator blood test injection pro there is so much waiting for you at the end!!

***How to play Blood test Injection simulator doctor***
• Start the game
• Multiple step by step game level begins
• Start by injection simulator tasks given
• Select the injection
• Rub cotton on injection are of patient simulator
• Fill the injection with medicine
• Inject injection on patient simulator
• Apply bandage to injection area
• Injections are for multiple injections such as:
¬ Simple drip syringe
¬ Blood test
¬ Sugar test
¬ Blood drawing
¬ Medicine injection
¬ Mouth injection

***Features of Blood test Injection simulator doctor***
• Multiple injection syringe injection simulator
• Step by step time based level game
• In depth injection procedure
• Multiple tests like blood test sugar test etc by injecting the injection simulator syringe
Er emergency hospital game setting

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