Blood Test Doctor Hospital : Injection Simulator Android Gameplay


Ever dreamed of becoming a Blood Test Doctor in Hospital? Make your dreams come true with Blood Test Doctor Hospital : Injection Simulator! Where you can experience being a Blood Test Injection Doctor in hospital full of crazy doctor, cure patient or use all your skills to perform the surgery simulator in Blood Test Doctor Hospital! Apply injection simulator to patient Arm & buttock and collect blood samples in test tubes to test diabetes & other Infection disease. Start Blood Test Doctor Hospital : Injection Simulator with patient’s IV before going to emergency hospital surgery room for surgery simulator. Become an emergency blood test emergency doctor in hospital simulator, start understanding hospital emergency medicine and methods along with IV fluids injection. The Er Emergency Hospital is crowded with patient that have various blood related diseases & you are the only doctor at the hospital who is going to treat the patient. Collect blood sample, test blood and analyze it with a microscope. With proper care and medicine, the patient can recover quickly. Insert cannula on patient hand to let the medicine get into his body quickly. A needle prick may cause slight bleeding from patient skin. Clean away the blood with a cotton swab.

Practice your injection skills on sick patient in this Blood Test Doctor Hospital : Injection Simulator game. There might be inexperienced nurses & er emergency doctor who cause pain while injecting medicine with injection simulator. Get to the surgery simulator hospital now and attend your patient coming in er emergency ambulance. The poor patient have painful expressions and a fear in their pretty little eyes. Treat them with all the doctor tools and injection simulator at the er emergency surgery hospital. First you have to rub some numbing cotton over the area of body on where the injection simulator syringe needs to be put. From there you will take the blood test and other injection simulator tasks, be careful when you prick a needle. Apply an antiseptic cream with a cotton swab to avoid any bleeding from patient skin.

* Amazing injection simulator surgery games.
* Draw blood from patients vein with injection.
* Collect blood sample and test it with a microscope.
* Send the blood sample to the hospital laboratory.
* Use ER emergency doctor tools & injection to save lives in hospital.
* Practice emergency surgery steps to perform surgery simulator.
* Treat serious injuries on patients in ER emergency hospital surgery room.


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