Big New Update | Zompiercer Gameplay | EP12


Zompiercer is a first-person shooter in the world of zombie apocalypse, filled with dangerous uniquely mutated zombies craving your flesh. Travel by train, which has become a haven for you, equip living wagons and create new equipment to survive.

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38 thoughts on “Big New Update | Zompiercer Gameplay | EP12

  1. P.S. Jordan Mackay pointed out a secret you missed… Need to slow the vid to catch at 23:59 to 24:00. Computer cpu says "open" when you aimed on it.

  2. Lol… What would an episode be if GE didn't get bit*h slapped?! 👀😂😂😂😂👍 Like the new upgrades… Was shocked when you took the new track option and you 💀😮 Can you make armor? A shield? The basement was InTeNsE!!! Needed a shitwah to unload after…😱😂😂😂 Nice job!

  3. GE love the video! Btw have you seen the demo for the game grounded yet? If you havent you might want to check it out!

  4. I wonder if you go in the second one if you can connect an extra car to the front of the train? also saying you really do not need cloth.. yet theres a new tailoring bench.. (way to think ahead) =)

  5. GAMEEDGED: You should check out Grounded before June 22. They have a demo. It's a Honey I Shrunk the Kids style survival. Looks pretty damn fun. 😊 Steam has the demo for the next 4 days and then the game drops on July 28th.

  6. I thought 💭 you 4got about this game. Dude you still owned the 🧟‍♂️ 🧟‍♂️ 🧟‍♂️. Loving it.

  7. GE u know I 💕you…. But, I kinda was hoping something fell or made some loud noise while u were in the dark! 😂😂

    I'm sure we all were!

  8. I was thinking about this game and wanted to ask u yday when it would come back!
    Figured u were waiting for an update or something.

  9. @24:00 you we're looking in a room and as you turned over a computer, it flashed up to open. Idk why but thought I'd mention it so maybe next time you can look again

  10. He's made it much more intense feeling, which is good for s survival game. A few more tweeks here and there and he might release the game 👍

  11. Wow!! The basement is so freaking scary. And that big zombro…..Dang GE, he really got you good lol. Thank you for showing us the new updates. Your so awesome!! I definitely want to see more please. 🙂

  12. Its been a while since you played this. Im glad they are doing updates and making it better. Loving this so far.

  13. Zombiepeircer I see what you don't there have you heard snowpiercer is another movie about Charlie bucket after the events of willie wonka

  14. hey sup dude how you been I have not watch you for a while was very busy LOVE YOU VIDS KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK.

  15. I’m usually pretty tired of zombie survival games but I love the premise of this game. The train gives it a much more unique feeling and I like the art direction they’ve gone in so far.

  16. Hmm early access and $25, nah I'll pass. for a tenner I might pick it up but this game is still full of bugs.

  17. Question: Are you planning to play S.T.A.L.K.E.R Anomaly? it's incredible game, free standalone open horror survival game with unique crafting materials and monsters.

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