Bear Encounter | Among Trees Gameplay | EP3


Among Trees Gameplay Let’s Play | A small vibrant survival sandbox, Among Trees is set in a colorful wilderness world teeming with life. Explore a colorful, breathing world that is filled to the brim with life. From dense forests to dark caves.

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42 thoughts on “Bear Encounter | Among Trees Gameplay | EP3

  1. when you open the crates remember to take what you need before leaving the crate GE jeez you drive me crazy not picking stuff out of the crates.

  2. Just played 4 hours of this today, survival normal. It has been a blast, got jumped by the bear as well trying to hide in a bush, can't even use the axe to defend myself.

    So far have found 3 issues:

    -Poor ground clipping, was trying to get up a mountain and seemed I could only to fall in an inescapable gap. Luckily didn't do much since last save, but hopefully that will be fixed.

    -Hidden Beehives: So far found 2 beehives that were stuck in walls, there are enough still to do what is needed, but just a small gripe about hearing bees I cannot get.

    -Storage: I just want like 1-2 more boxes, maybe give the kitchen a box and then the crafting room or greenhouse? Again minor but I am finding myself filling the 5 boxes up very quickly atm

  3. Great video. Just wondering, how old are you, GE? Only asking because I know the age of people that I usually hear terms like, "cool beans" from…. 😀

  4. i really like that Teddy is just guarding his territory and not endless chasing you + his swipes felt really impactfull .
    time to make a fur-coat…. 😛

  5. Love this game! My only complain thus far is to have the over continue burning until the sticks exhaust their use so that you can quickly put more content into the pot before it burns outs. Great gameplay as always!

  6. You're still forgetting to manually click on the items to grab in the boxes. You left items behind, my friend.
    Also, when your character is starving, it flashes the word right above your stamina bar.

  7. That bear seems it still has some unfinished business with you from "The Long Dark". You got it right?.. Some unfinished things!.. "The Long Dark".. Right? Anyway, I like this serie too.. Thank you for the video Mr. GE. All the best.

  8. You have nailed it again this game is amazing one And you are absolutely great narrator keep it going please….

  9. At 13:35 when you find the bear, there is a yellow dress in the frame. You can hide in it. About the bees, they aren't that bad, but easily avoided. Run in to hit the hive then run away and the bees despawn after about 5 seconds or so.

  10. Even in Ep.3 you tend too open boxes and searching piles without actually picking up the loot 🙂 🙂 🙂

  11. to go stealth you have to crouch in the batch yellowy-orange bushes. you can sprint from bush to bush if you're in the bear's blind spot. you'll have time to put on a medkit after he smacks the shit outta you, it always scares me to death lol.

  12. GE you have to hide in a certain colored bush . Hint I dont know if im suppose to say which one but thats a hint

  13. Damn I was hoping it was one of those random videos that pop up and they’re from 9 months ago. I was so ready to binge watch the series 😂

  14. Darn it GE: You are Canadian, you oughta know that you cannot hide from a bear crouching in a bush 2 yards away and you should know better than to run from it… and as an experienced player I question your decision to eat and bandage yourself, while the attention meter on the bear is approaching 'I am gonna kill you'-level… having said that the attention that Grizzly extended to you was certainly overBEARing… I find it interesting that the game lets you gather Fir planks and Larch Resin from the same plant… must be a botanical anomaly… J'aimes tes videos, continue stp 😉

  15. Holy hannah, that was one huge bear!!! That was definitely scary. I am absolutely lovin' this game. Thank you for everything that you do. Your the best!! I can't wait to see the next episode. 🙂

  16. very cool bear. I wonder if you had stood up to it, if it would have swiped at you, or given you a choice to wave your hands and yell, and try to scare it off..? At least there are no wolves. xD Loved the vid GE <3

  17. Can you make a torch or some other light source for inside the cabin, it's so dark in there?😣 Also, you can't defend urself against the bear with ur ax?😨

  18. Hey GE! Don't forget to click on items in crates to collect them! So much loot left behind D: anyways, I hope you continue this series!

  19. Wow that bear was huge size of the one in brave the movie lol 😄 he was hungry for some GameEdged lol 😂 loved the episode and series, I actually ain't gonna lie I jumped when he came running for ya will be fun to see what ya do with him next lol 😉

  20. 1. If you see a bear dont try running. Bear can outrun you easily. Try to keep crouching when you want to evade the bear. dont even get to close (note : will not works on selebear of course. She will hugs you lol )
    2. Resources respawn every morning. Dont worry.

  21. Is that bear related to the one on the long dark? that was terrifying!! muh heart! 😨😨😨😨😨😨

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