Automatic 3Dification of Nintendo games: The glEnd() of Zelda


In this project for SIGBOVIK 2016, I try to make an emulator that can play classic NES games in three dimensional first-person view. I pretend it’s because I think Ocarina of Time is beloved for being 3D, and so try to give the 3D treatment to the original Legend of Zelda. But really, Ocarina of Time is a great game, and clumsy 3D is unplayable. I give a bit of tutorial about how the NES and this technique work, and explain how we can use science to automate it. A sidebar of my NES AI work; see:


Project homepage (research paper, buggy source code):


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34 thoughts on “Automatic 3Dification of Nintendo games: The glEnd() of Zelda

  1. Favorite new fountain of comedy and breaking stuff for the sake of good. So intrigued. Thank you for your gifts to humaninty

  2. He hasn't uploaded in eight months because Blockbuster caught up with him.

    Don't taunt Blockbuster. They have your address.

  3. 15:15 well, you cant walk on water (in that game) but that doesnt mean they are walls. Slight problem with your "automatification"

  4. What if all the products labeled property of blockbuster legally belong to the single remaining blockbuster store 🤯

  5. If you set the camera to afew squares back from the player and few up and right over the right shoulder the experience would be much more playable allowing you to see whats coming up. Especially in mario.

  6. Is there some kind of object id? Because if there was, you could create a per-game mapping of object id to a set of rendering properties (like the height or how sprites connect).

  7. Can you provide some resources for someone who is knowledgable in
    C, C++ and who would like to get into the reverse emulation things you have been doing. Will I need to learn asm?
    I am a DSP programmer and I'm very interested in using your reverse emulation technique to create a cartridge which can be used as a synth.
    A product like that would be a big hit in the synth/8bit community.

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