Articulated Micro-Spine Bugger Changer: Fly Tying Tutorial


Taking the Iconic Woolly Bugger Fly to the Next Level – While the original Woolly Bugger gets its movement in the water from the undulation of its marabou and hackle body materials, the Bugger Changer combines this body material undulation with lifelike articulation, made possible at this micro scale with the new Fish-Skull Chocklett’s Articulated Micro-Spine system.

In this Bugger Changer fly tying tutorial, Blane Chocklett walks you through how to tie this fly in detail, including tips and tricks on tying with the new Articulated Micro-Spine system.

Fly Recipe
Hook: Kona Big Game Hunter, size #6 (
Thread: 6/0
Tail: Mini Marabou, black + Hackle, Indian Hen Saddle
Shanks 1, 2, 3, and 4: Fish-Skull Articulated Micro-Spine, 8 mm (
Body: H20 Streamer Brush
Body: Hackle, Indian Hen Saddle
Shank 5: Fish-Skull Articulated Fish-Spine, 15 mm (
Eyes: Dumbell
Head: H20 Streamer Brush + Hackle, Indian Hen Saddle


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6 thoughts on “Articulated Micro-Spine Bugger Changer: Fly Tying Tutorial

  1. I'm waiting for your shanks now but in the meantime I tied a Game Changer (first one) with cut off hook shanks. I took it across the street to check the action and caught a 15" Brown in less then 10 minutes. Can't wait to have the proper materials.

  2. Awesome! You do a fantastic job explaining what you are doing. thanks for posting this excellent fly tying video

  3. Holy cow, just got mine and they are tiny! I can’t wait to tie with them. Since the book still isn’t out yet I hope you do another video of tying the Damsel changer that on Blane has on his Instagram page.

  4. Excellent video! I’ve been waiting for shanks this size for a long time. Please grease whatever the hell squeaked 1000 times in this video 🙂

  5. What color 1/2 inch Streamer Brush are you using and where can I buy it. I only found one place that sells the half inch size and not sure they have the color your using. It looks like a yellow color. They do have golden brown which might be the color your using. Not easy to make these if we can't get the 1/2 inch brushes.

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