Amiga Longplay Sinbad And The Throne Of The Falcon


Played By: Nox1911

One of the earlier titles of Cinemaware. The player must find 3 gemstones and the skeleton (bones) to remove a spell that turned the caliph into a falcon.

The endboss was the hardest part. One of those near impossible challenges. Took me more than 20 attempts to beat him (after i realized there’s a block move *lol*). Its just lucky chance nevertheless since the game lags heavily in fighting scenes. One cannot talk about skills here..

Fullscreen color rotations eat up large amounts of bitrate. Filesize reached 200MB (1hour).



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35 thoughts on “Amiga Longplay Sinbad And The Throne Of The Falcon

  1. Never seen this game before but the music is fascinating. It sounds like an like am FM sound chip, like an arcade game.

  2. i really dont know how you came back against jamoul. also hitting 1 shotting all 3 cyclops is pretty damn good. fighting to the death against the black prince was always so intense!

  3. The final boss kinda reminds me of Elton John. It's been 25-26 years since I played this game and I still tense up when I hear that godamn yeti's howl.

  4. I LOVED THIS GAME! Someone should really remake it…like CD Projeckt Red…or Bioware.. or ANY gaming studio. It had such a fun plot and mini games and adventure…now they could redo it and it would be incredible.

  5. No idea why all other versions of Sinbad looked terrific and only Amiga was more like fanmade game. I really prefer C64 version.

  6. I used to love playing this game back in the day on my Amiga 500. A list of my favorites are bellow in no order. If you're looking for any good titles to emulate these are fun ones.

    1. Powermonger
    2. Powermonger 2
    3. Castles
    4. Castles 2
    5. Populous
    6. Populus 2
    7. Wings
    8. Das Boot
    9. B-17 Flying Fortress
    10. Gunboat
    11. A-10 Tank Killer
    12. Monkey Island
    12. Monkey Island 2
    13. Sim City
    14. Metal Masters
    15. Sinbad
    16. Myst
    17. 688 Attack Sub
    18. Hunt for Red October

    Subbed. 👍

  7. Not quite the Cinemaware quality we know and love. I am sure glad i never knew about this game in their collection growing up.

  8. >.< I would really like to get the music from this game, anyone know where I can grab it? Google has failed me >.<

  9. Haha, that opening scene with Libitina. (Going from 2:53 to 4:17) Kind of laughable now, but pretty steamy for a video game, back then.

  10. This is one of the roughest looking Amiga games I've ever seen and not like any of the later cinemaware games. I guess a very early Amiga game and it shows.

  11. You know, I was just watching a video about people complaining how "Papa & Yo" had terrible amateurish visuals….. I think this game is a much better example of bad graphics. Dam.

  12. @Gigas0101 LOL. No joke scared the shit out of me so bad that I would try to play the game and if I even got to the cyclops I had to turn it off.

  13. Good work uploading all these Amiga game long plays, if you can, try and find a long play for Lost patrol on the Amiga, lots of people are looking for one.

  14. Holy ravilolli I remember this game! I was young and had no idea what I was doing when I played it, but something kept me coming back to play it. I only had one disk drive so I had to keep changing disks everytime I spoke/fought someone, which was incredibly annoying. Fun memories though.

  15. This game blew my mind as a teenager. Now I wonder if this early CGI seductress had a little something-something to do with it? – Either way the music is awesome and the depth and atmosphere of Sinbad is seldom matched to this day.

  16. I've been looking for it since last year. Really hard to find. Amost tempted to learn how to use some crazy music editing/ripping tools to make some updated versions myself.

  17. It's the unusual Cinemaware game in as much as the C-64 version actually looks and sounds better than the Amiga…

  18. Interesting to see the Amiga version in action. I played and finished the Apple IIgs version years ago and I have a feeling that it benefited the same way the Atari ST version did: it was made later with better looking graphics. To me, the IIgs version has a UI that isn't clunky and better music. While the Amiga version has some things the IIgs version doesn't, it's oddly nice to know that some things weren't changed, such as the price of Sibitina's health boost. 😉

  19. I had this on the Amiga. Very hard game. Nice to see someone finally beating it as no one in my family was able to. The music is great as is the idea behind the game. Aspects of it were annoying and silly though. But great longplay. Finally get to see the end of this game.

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