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40 thoughts on “All POKÉGIRLS

  1. Mallow is tsareena she only has a tsareena and Lana is primarina but she does have a eevee I swear: then Serena I have to give it to braxien then may is neither blaziken or venusaur

  2. Also I was originally gonna talk bout the girls strongest Pokémon and here we are I’m gonna be Donna each of em dawns strongest is: mamoswine iris is: dragonite but exadrill is pretty god

  3. I’m a true sun and moon watcher and I know for a fact that Lana has a eevee it’s not just her primarina

  4. Mine is May.😍😍😍.. I don't like misty and Serena… And also don't know why people say"Misty is the original " 🙄🙄🙄
    Others are not duplicate.

  5. Mallow la que tiene el pelo verde y tenía los chores y tenían una corona su Pokémon la última evolucionó La Isla la que tiene el pelo verde la mala esa bueno esa niña se equivocó algo la que hizo este video y no aparece

  6. I liked Dawn because she is cute, and I like me because she has one of my favorite Pokemon, and I like Lily because she has my fifth favorite Pokemon which is alolan Ninetales!!!

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