All Modifier Locations in My Friend Pedro


My Friend Pedro has become one of my favorite games. In this guide, I’ll show you exactly where to find each and every game modifier found in the game. Please look below for time stamps.

00:00 – Intro
00:27 – Modifier #1 – Infinite Ammo
01:03 – Modifier #2 – One Shot Enemies
01:37 – Modifier #3 – Player Size
02:16 – Modifier #4 – Player Bullet Speed
02:47 – Modifier #5 – Cinematic Camera
03:14 – Modifier #6 – Side-On Camer
03:57 – Modifier #7 – Big Heads
04:27 – Modifier #8 – No Recoid
05:21 – Modifier #9 – Player Speed
06:03 – Modifier #10 – Enemy Bullet Speed
07:00 – Modifier #11 – Infinite Focus
08:07 – Modifier #12 – Focus Speed
08:52 – Modifier #13 – One Shot Player

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26 thoughts on “All Modifier Locations in My Friend Pedro

  1. Thank you got the game 2 days ago with my Xbox game pass subscription and just finished it and couldn’t find some of the game modifiers

  2. Got the game a couple days back and had beaten the campaign, all thats left was the modifiers and my score.
    Thanks for helping me find them man, I'll be sure to check our the rest of your vids

  3. Good video, I needed help with it, but I can't get Modifier 6, none of the jump pads are close enough or are high enough for me to reach.

    Edit: Nevermind, I found it. I didn't realize you meant the jump pads below it.

  4. Я русский и я просто не знал, что я могу отскакивать от врагов и искал ответ, как получить модификацию Gamer size. Thank you bro.

  5. I beat this months ago

    Edit: Thanks for replying! That was the first reply I have gotten from a big youtuber like you AND you hearted my comment. Youtubers can be so kind! Thank you!

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