All 23 Klik & Play Games – the Games That Came Bundled with the Classic Game Making Toolkit


Klik & Play wasn’t just for making games. The classic game making software from 1994 also came with a number of stock games to get users going.

YesterYear’s Mac Games takes a look at the 23 games that came bundled with the freeware release of this software, from Astro Force to Zero-G Pinball, from The Last Day to Romeo.

These games couldn’t be called classic (some are pretty bad), but many 90’s kids like myself spent hours playing them regardless. These games demoed what could be done with the Klik & Play engine, and no doubt helped a few people out with ideas for a game or two.

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23 thoughts on “All 23 Klik & Play Games – the Games That Came Bundled with the Classic Game Making Toolkit

  1. 1999's Klik & Play for Schools cut alot of the premade content that came with the original 1994 version of Klik & Play.

  2. Did anyone ever play the game series called "Rat" that was created with klik and play? The first game of the series revolves around locating the couch of the main character, Rat. Awesome game series.

  3. as a windows user a bunch of these are new to me and it is the first time I see those but I think you were a bit harsh on some games. To this day I do not know how to code the face games in knp myself.

  4. I pushed this to its limits when I was age 7-13 and made several 50 level games with most things drawn by myself

  5. Spent a lot of time on this back in the day, and with it's successor The Games Factory. The "Space Games" bundle that came with The Games Factory was good too, but obviously lacked quality control because there was one section of 'Atomic Chill' that was literally impossible to get past, and 'Virus Protection' kept crashing even on my most up to date computer.

    Plenty of fond memories of the gamepak bundle here though, especially on 'The Last Day' and the smaller games in Klik 'n' Play itself ^^.

  6. Is there any chance of having the soundtrack to this game creator sent to me? I owned this back in '99 and would very much like to own those cheesy tunes again.

  7. I don't know, some of these games are legit better than what many shareware authors used to ask a $15 registration fee for..

  8. Has anyone played Chris Ushko's Monkey Island fan games? They are at if anyone has an old PC.

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