AcceleRacers: The SUPPOSED Video Game


The fifth and FINAL episode of NOLOAF: Season 2 has been made public. Assist me in my attempt to figure out as to why an Acceleracers Video Game was never made in Acceleracers, The SUPPOSED Acceleracers Video Game.

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Film footage & Commercials featured in the video:
• Hot Wheels Highway 35/AcceleRacers Remastered:
• Hot Wheels World Race Commercials (2002-2003):
• Hot Wheels Highway 35 World Race 2003 Video Packs Commercial:
• Hot Wheels Acceleracers Unused/Test Animations:
• Hot Wheels AcceleRacers 2005 Meet the Cars v.2:
• The Hot Wheels Highway 35 World Race x AcceleRacers story (S.P.P.A):

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Music featured in the video (in order):
• Sonic Speed Riders – Sonic Riders [OST]:
• Theme of SEGA Carnival – Sonic Riders [OST]:
• Theme of Babylon Garden – Sonic Riders [OST]:
• Theme of Egg Factory – Sonic Riders [OST]:
• Theme of Green Cave – Sonic Riders [OST]:
• Theme of Sand Ruins – Sonic Riders [OST]:
• Theme of Metal City – Sonic Riders [OST]:
• Mute City (Brawl) | Super Smash Bros. Ultimate:
• Fire Field [Remix] | Super Smash Bros. Ultimate:
• F-Zero GX [OST] – Shotgun Kiss (Casino Palace):


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30 thoughts on “AcceleRacers: The SUPPOSED Video Game

  1. Hi Nolo! Again, really well done video. I worked closely with THQ Games on the World Race vidgame, doing my best to insert characters, car paint jobs, and story elements that were complementary to our animation and comic book narrative.

    A small bit of insight I can offer is that THQ had the sequel rights to console games based on the World Race storyline and characters for some period of time after the release of the first game. For a variety of reasons they chose not to pursue it, but it's possible that they still had the right to do so when the Acceleracers opportunity came up.

    So rather than risk any legal issues, the new developer could only be "inspired by" the films, comics, and trading cards. This perfectly illustrates the difference between Starlight Runner's transmedia approach, and this one.

    Maintaining strong transmedia producers helps to plan the long-term health of the franchise, include this foresight in legal agreements, and oversee implementation with tight continuity. Essentially what we're seeing with Star Wars and Marvel Cinematic Universe today. Hoping Mattel takes these lessons to heart with He-Man and the future of Hot Wheels.

  2. i only have 3 cars of ur. Ultimate Racing*
    horse play,bully goat and burlsque, i think that is the name

  3. Any chance you could do a video on drones , about RD-L1 and how their were multiples of him in the last ep or just a general discussion on the racing drones

  4. thanks for your video, NOLOAF. AcceleRacers and world race were my childhood.
    my parents asked me "why do you love these cartoon?"
    my answer "they are not just cartoon, they are epic movies."

  5. This psp game



    "hey…. This seems something I watched…. N ah"

  6. Whew! Finally, the subtitles are done and ready for review.
    Pardon the long wait. Transcription isn't my main focus, and I keep getting distracted by other things.
    Either way, I look forward to the approval. Thank you for reading, and have a good day.

  7. Hey you should look into hot wheels beat that because it had a lot of the cars like battle spec and a lot of others from the game in the colors

  8. What about a video about the other episodes that never took place? About what next videos were going to saw us (your opinion) based on the Easter eggs of high way 35 and acceleracers

  9. TBH, the dump truck found in the game doesn’t resemble the Kamikaze Semis from the Metro Realm. The Kamikaze Semi rather looks futuristic compared to the Junk Realm truck which looks generic.

  10. Noloaf im not gunna introduce my self im bringing the acceleracer community together to roit bout the 5th instalment if you want to join you know were to click. #acceleracers5

  11. I've been studying game design especially around racing games and if i did end up making the game i would either have a cut scene for the start of each race where the cars go through the rings and then you take control just as your about to land on the track thats a tiny example of so many other ideas i have for an AcceleRacers game

  12. Glad I found your channel. I was actually looking back at this series and wondered why Acceleracers didn't have a video game counterpart. I have the game boy advance World Race game. Why wasn't its sequel on DS or something? That would of been lit. Oh, I don't know if anyone else knows, but the first Acceleracers film cover is referenced in the Hotwheels Beat That game, in the bedroom level. So I guess it was sprinkled in as a reference at that time.

  13. Has anyone notice that in world race vert never drove before, and when vert gets his car Dr. Tesla said all drivers are the highest professional racers in the world. Meaning the wheelers have an excellent history in racing, leading to vert's dad being silencers with Tesla and a clue to the mysterious death of vert's mom probably in a car crash working with the silencers.Cause of vert's mom death, vert's dad doesn't want vert to race with the teku in accelerators.

  14. No wonder i liked that hotwheels game it resembled acceleracers and highway35.
    I just didnt realized it cause i was just too young to realize.

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