A Space Horror: Project STAR STRIKE


A crew of 4 embark on a dangerous journey to the remote planet, Eris in our solar system. They must use each others skills to survive the harsh planet. As well as what they might find. Enjoy the space creepypasta.

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Metaphysik by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (

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20 thoughts on “A Space Horror: Project STAR STRIKE

  1. Is anybody, besides me, interested in what these guys supposedly did to all have death sentences? Even a little curious at all about that humongous plot hole?

  2. When he said single celled organism, I immediately thought, oh no, The Thing is going to assimilate and kill them all

  3. Just nuke that planet for 1 times and launch some Space Ship with 30 fucking M1 abrams tank and try shot the remain creature

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