5 FUN GAMES to Play in Minecraft!


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Today we take a look at 5 really fun games that you can build in Minecraft that will allow you to have a blast either on your own or with your mates!


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Intro: ProleteR – Can’t Stop Me
outro: ProleteR – April Showers


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42 thoughts on “5 FUN GAMES to Play in Minecraft!

  1. Hi mumbo can you make a video about the minecart dodger machine? I want to build it but there are no video about it!

  2. 😮 speechless
    A while later
    Same I mostly okay without friends :c
    Edit: I think some hard games that needs a lot of red stone that will be hard I think it can be made in a easier way

  3. my friend plays fortnite , he is no longer my friend or… alive. SO… i wathed dis vid cuz i knew there would be redstone divices werez i no ned friend but damm how da hell duz u make dez my friend was always good w/ redstone… should haz kidy naped his pet dogo and forced him to play minecraft lol

  4. You can be tactical in Rock Paper Scissors, you just think about what people play and the patterns they do

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