3 True Scary Video Game Stories


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Stories by: Samantha R., Jason S., Beau L. And a special thanks to @LukeSimms99 on Twitter for such an awesome thumbnail on such short notice!

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31 thoughts on “3 True Scary Video Game Stories

  1. I maybe harsh but that little punk got what he deserved in the 2nd story. Luckily he didn't have broken bones or an injury that stayed with him for the rest of his life.

  2. On my ps4 one of my friends online sent ma message asking my age and were i lived when i told him to leave me alone he kept sending messages like why not so then i unfriended him

  3. The moral of the second story careful when playing online with spooks if you piss him off he will come to get you because he was Mike once but changed his name lmao jk jk I will one day make u laugh spooks you did amazing bro take care

  4. You got great videos but , come on man , where is bullied part three i`m dying on the inside ! Keep up the good work 🙂

  5. In the second story…he was a complete dick.Mike shouldn't have struck him but dude was an complete asshat. People take their video play seriously.

  6. Here is my personal scary gaming story

    A fucking creeper just blew me and my house up in minecraft

  7. His mic seemed slightly off but none the less amazing content as ALWAYS keep up the amazing work my dude 🙂

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