3 Advanced Examples of the SUBSTITUTE Function in Excel

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In this video we look at 3 advanced examples of the SUBSTITUTE function of Excel.

This brilliant Excel formula helps us to manipulate and evaluate text strings in Excel.

There are many reasons to love the SUBSTITUTE function. This video narrows it down to 3 advanced examples.

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10 thoughts on “3 Advanced Examples of the SUBSTITUTE Function in Excel

  1. The way you break down and explain each and every step is amazing! The issue I am currently having is perhaps related to, but different than the 3 examples you showed. I want to add zeros to a text string of characters. The 6 numerical characters are broken into 3 pairs which are then separated by 2 hyphens. For example: 01-01-22.
    I wish to insert a zero to the right of each hyphen. Example: 01-001-022. I have tried various methods but to no avail. Any suggestions?

  2. Amazing. Computergaga is one Word, but it means really a lot to everyone who wants to be good at Excel. Your Excel knowledge is excellent Alan. Thanks indeed.

  3. Love it. Just a few days ago I was extracting the file names from full paths and wrote some convoluted VBA to achieve it. This is much more clean and concise. Thanks!

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